Once Video Analyser Basic

With its drawing and tagging options, Once Basic is a perfect tool for creating a quick and simple analysis.

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Once Video Analyser Basic

Easy tagging actions and players

Once Video Analyser Basic makes tagging actions and players easy and intuitive.
This makes the analysis faster and more effective.

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Perfect for quick and simple drawing

Explain concepts visually with graphics drawn on match events.
Basic telestration tools help coaches and players communicate more effectively.

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Once Video Analyser Basic has all the drawing and tagging features you need to easily create an efficient analysis

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How does Once Basic work?



Import video directly from your hard drive. No need to upload video over the internet because the software works offline.



Tag events in the game that are important to you and to your team. Easily create new tags during the analysis.

DRAW AND SHARE with Once Video Analyser


Highlight specific moments with graphics. Export your analysis or present it directly from the program!


Once Basic drawing elements

Once Video Analyser Basic allows you to explain concepts visually with graphic elements drawn on match events.



Line and arrows

Line / Arrow – dashed / normal / curved

Mark players with X and circles

Mark players with X and circles





Free form

Free form

Choose your Once Video Analyser

Once Basic

€9,99tax incl.
  • Entry level (tag + draw)
  • Drawing
  • Tagging and analysis
  • Code buttons
  • Recording mode
  • Excel export
  • Languages: EN, DE, IT, ES, PL, PT, CRO, FR, CN, GK

Once Pro

€29,99tax incl.
  • Professional level (tag + draw)
  • Available for Windows and MacOS
  • Animated graphics
  • 3D Elements
  • Tagging and Analysis
  • Code buttons
  • Hotkeys
  • Recording mode code buttons
  • Live Analysis
  • Multiple matches analysis
  • Animated export
  • Export statistics
  • Analysis export (share export)
  • Languages: EN, DE, IT, ES, PL, PT, CRO, FR, CN, GK

Once Telestrator

€11,99tax incl.
  • For professional drawings (no tagging)
  • Animated Graphics
  • 3D Elements
  • Animated export
  • Languages: EN, DE, IT, ES, PL, PT, CRO, FR, CN, GK
Detailed product comparison

Once Basic



Once Telestrator


Detailed product comparison

Main advantages

Easy and Intuitive

The quickest and easiest workflow in the industry.

Professional graphics

Create presentations like the ones you see on the TV.

Unlimited analysis

No hidden costs. No storage limits. Use it offline, share your work online.

Saves you money

Best quality-price ratio! We aim to offer
professional analysis to everyone.

Try before you buy

14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Superior Support

We offer 24/7 customer service in 7 different languages.

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Get Once Basic, the perfect video analysis tool for quick and simple analysis.

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Growing together with our clients

Once is helping professional and amateur coaches and analysts all over the world. We are proud of our national team coaches and elite level club users. But, we are just as proud to be here for every individual who wants to do professional video analysis.

“An amazing software, easy to use, great tools to coach young players. As a coach at Crystal Palace women’s youth academy, I have found it very handy when coaching young and unexperienced players as it provides visual guiding for the tasks, recognised by the players themselves.”

Dimitar Kidikov, Crystal Palace

“With the help of Once Video Analyser I can point things out clearer and visually depict situations. Once helps me advance, present, and speed up my work as a coach. The analyses end up being shorter and more precise.  This is a big advantage, especially for the young players, because they can see directly what is asked of them.”

Damir Agovic, FC Energie Cottbus – U19

“I started using Once three months ago, and it´s really the top. Complete software, versatile and easy to use in its basic features. I most appreciate the fact that clips are saved in both the general and personal player folders as well. Easy to have a complete database!”

Marco Baruffato, Ilves FC


Croatian Football Federation is using Once
Eintracht Frankfurt Once Video Analyser
Dinamo Zagreb is using Once Video Analyser
Wolfsberger is using Once Video Analyser

Start Once Basic today!

If you want a simple 2 in 1 video analysis tool for drawing and tagging actions and players, you are at the right place.

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Once Video Analyser PRO is a user-friendly software for coaches and analysts. If you want to create professional live or post-match analysis, this is the tool for you!
With advanced tagging options and animated 3D graphics like you see on the TV, Once Pro is the best value for money option on the market.
14-day Free Trial available – no credit card required!


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