Es casi como un análisis en televisión
Luca T.

Me he enamorado de Once, siempre lo tengo al alcance de mis manos.

A. Cacic
Once Video Analyzer es el mejor. Hemos decidido comprar 4 licencias.
Six P.
Lo usamos dos veces por semana y ayuda mucho a mejorar de una semana a otra. Los jugadores ahora pueden ver lo que realmente queremos de ellos.
Turan B.
Con el apoyo del equipo Once podemos proporcionar contenido interesante y único para nuestra exigente audiencia televisiva.
N. Stanbuk
Comencé a usar Once Video Analyzer esta temporada y puedo decir que es realmente un producto de alta calidad.
S. Jakirovic
Las herramientas de dibujo me ayudar a presentar mis análisis a los jugadores. Es mucho mejor que solo reproducir videos.
M. De Mozzi
Once Pro me ayudó a aislar los elementos técnicos, tácticos individuales y de equipo de los partidos, a través del análisis detallado respaldado por videos. Cargar varios partidos me permitió seguir las tendencias de mis jugadores.
M. Lozo

Uso Once Analyser desde marzo de 2017. Esto me ayudo a analizar nuestros partidos. Al usar este programa de computadora puedo fácilmente transmitir mis ideas a mis jugadores.

I. Lucic
“Grabar partidos y compartir análisis con entrenadores puede ayudar al desarrollo de equipos U14 – U19 o mejorar de manera individual a jugadores en las academias. Once Analyser es una gran herramienta para el análisis’’. Marios Loannou (licenciado de la UEFA B) trabajo como analista de video den la academia de OMONIA FC día a día para el análisis del desarrollo futbolístico de ligas juveniles.
M. Ioannou
Once Video Analyzer es un excelente programa. Las funciones son muy simples e intuitivas. Analizadores de video con análisis es una forma de lograr grandes resultados.
D. Vicenzo Minardi

Video Analysis helps me to see mistakes and what shall be improved. Because of language barrier, it is much easier to talk with players when graphics are used. I recommend Once Video Analyser PRO because it is easy to use and has great animated graphics. Software is offline so I can use it without the Internet and analyze any video.

Aleksandar Draskovic

Nebenbei ist der 25-jährige Trainer der U13 beim FC Obersulm. Des Weiteren absolvierte er ein Praktikum als Videoanalyst bei der SG Sonnenhof Großaspach. Amine arbeitet auch als Scout bei der Französischen Firma France Football Detection. Amine ist dabei seinen Trainerschein zur B-Lizenz zu erweitern.

Amine Skali

Once video analyser is a useful tool for every coach who is looking for the upgrading of his work. You can easily analyze your training session or game and make some short clips with animations to show your players and coworkers what they do good and what they must do better. Support and help of the Once teams are on a common level. Looking forward to work with and for new upgrades and features. I recommend it for coaches at any level who has the privilege to film their sessions and games.

Jani Sajko

I would recommend the Once Video Analyzer program because it is easy to use and can even be used at the academy level. It is simple to use and it keeps you focused on the football aspect while making analysis. I plan to use it for my future endeavors whether it be with football academies or national teams.

Karim Rersa

Once Video Analyser is a very good and useful tool for any analyst or coach. Easy to use with very good design options.

Gkotovos Evangelos

Once video analyzer program is simple to use. It is necessary for training and matches analysis if you want to improve performance and make better decisions.

Stathis Doupkaris

For the last 15 years I have been the head coach in the U15/ U17 TS Ober Roden, U17/U19 Spvgg 03 Neu Isenburg. I am currently a coach at the Bayern Alzenau youth department. I have been using Once Video Analyzer since last year to analyze my team’s matches/training and also to analyze a next opponent. Once Video Analyzer is a very fast and efficient program and it is so easy to use. I would recommend this program to everyone who works in football, especially to those who think of playing football more seriously.

Husein Hadzic

Ich bin in verschiedenen Bereichen als Fußballtrainer unterwegs und damit ich mit dem Training die Spieler effektiver und optimaler entwickel kann, nutze ich verwende ich den Once Video Analyser für die Videoanalyse von Fußballspielen. Mit dem Once Video Analyser kann ich schnell, einfach und professionell Arbeiten.

Donald Perryman

Once Video Analyser bi preporučio svima koji rade u nogometu. Jednostavan za uporab i veliki plus kod analize treninga ili utakmica moje ekipe a i kod analize protivnika. Od kada sam počeo,da radim analize sa Once Video Analyserom vidi se veliki napredak moje ekipe!

Mitja Morec

I would recommend the Once Video Analyzer program because it is very simple and fast. It has very good drawing features.

Plakias Spyros

ONCE Video Analyzer is a very useful tool and easy to use. It gives you an extra view of football and helps you improve in coaching approach.

Stavros Trevlos

I’m proud to announce that I have graduated for video analyst. The Once Video Analyzer is great software, which offers you possibilities to analyze the important moments of the game.

Moisa Flavius

Sono match analyst ed appassionato di tattica calcistica e credo che i metodi di Data Visualization siano di grande importanza nel migliorare le performances e nel “prendere” decisioni migliori. Cercavo una piattaforma che mi potesse garantire professionalità e allo stesso tempo velocità di esecuzione e l’ho trovata in Once.

Alessandro Risiglione

I’m a young match analyst and a football tactical enthusiast. I think Visualization is very important in Football to improve performances and to make better decisions. I was looking for an analysis tool that was professional and fast at the same time just like Once!

Tomislav Juros

We used the ONCE VIDEO ANALYZER PRO for the season 2019/2020 and we have the desire to continue and the next year. We are planning to do so because you can work fast with editing the video, easy tagging the game description, accurate data extraction in excel file, excellent drawing tool on video clips without any glitch, freezing, lost saves, or data, it’s light and reliable.

Evangelos Andrikos