Dietmar Blicker head of the department of game analysis at the sports institute at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) and Scouting & Certification Consultant at Karlsruher Sport Club (KSC)

I’m head of the department of game analysis at the sports institute at Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT) and Scouting & Certification Consultant at Karlsruher Sport Club (KSC), 2. Bundesliga. I’ve been in pro-analytics for 15 years. Your product is really very good and I use it in the area of training communication and organisation.

Dietmar Blicker
Marios ionnau Once Video Analyzer

Recording matches and sharing analysis to coaches can help in developing teams U14 – U19 or indiviDual improvement of academy players. ONCE Analyser is a great tool for Analysis”. Marios Ioannou (UEFA B License) working as Academy Video Analyst in OMONOIA FC and using ONCE Analyser PRO in daily basis for analysis in football development of young players.

M. Ioannou
marko lozo Once Video Analyzer
Once Pro app helped me to isolate the individual and team technical & tactical elements of the matches, through the detailed analysis supported by videos. Loading multiple matches allowed me to track trends of my players.
M. Lozo
Luca Tendes Italy Once Video Analyzer
It is almost like an analysis on television
Luca T.
ante cacic Once Video Analyzer

I fell in love at Once, I always have it in ti hand.

A. Cacic
Pavkovic-Sinisa-Sport-Direktor Once Video Analyzer
Once Video analyser is the best. We have decided to buy 4 licences.
Six P.
Turan Buyukat Once Video Analyzer

We use it twice a week and it helps a lot to improve from week-to-week. Players can now  see what we really want from them.

Turan B.
Nino stanbuk Once Video Analyzer
With support of Once team we were able to provide interesting and unique content for ourdemanding TV audience.
N. Stanbuk
sergej Jakirovic Once Video Analyzer
I started using Once Video Analyser this season and I can say it is really a top-quality product.
S. Jakirovic
Matteo De Mozzi Once Video Analyzer Partner in Italy

Drawing feature helps me to present the analysis to players. It is much better than only playing videos

M. De Mozzi
Ilija Luciå Once Video Analyzer
I am using Once video analyser since March 2017. It helped me in analyzing our matches. By using this program, I can easily pass my ideas to the players.
I. Lucic
Davide Vincenzo Minardi Once Video analyzer

Once Video Analyser is excellent software. Functions are very simple and intuitive. Video analysis with analysis is a way to achieve great results.

D. Vicenzo Minardi

As a coach and video analyst, Once Video Analyzer allows me to perform both individual and group analysis. This software also allows me to be able to analyze the strengths / weaknesses of our weekend opponents.
I thank Once for their professionalism and for allowing us to work in good conditions. Video analysis is booming in France in semi-pro clubs, and this type of software is a real asset for football.

Emma Gautier
FIFA Coach

The video analyses are recorded after every training match and edited with Once PRO. This way the cognitive abilities are trained and the player can recall the picture which was shown to him in the next game. This way the concentration increases and the stress factor decreases.
The player can perform more commands and victory is closer.

Teoman Arslan

I am a licensed soccer coach by the Mexican Football Federation. I am working as an Analyst for Club Atletico River Plate (Mexico) and I have been using Once Pro for performance and match analysis for our team and also for rival’s video analysis. ONCE software is fairly easy to use and the tagging and drawing tools help to highlight the specific game events that are relevant to the team in a professional and detailed way. Totally recommended!

Carlos Lozano
nenad gori

I highly recommend using Once Video Analyser. It’s giving me a lot of opportunities for fast analysis.

Nenad Roksandić
football parent

I am a parent who has volunteered to film my sons (14 years old) soccer games for the last couple of seasons and share footage online for his coach, team mates and other parents. Although full game footage has been valuable, I developed an interest in how it could be used more efficiently. Then I found Once Video Analyser.
It has been simple to learn how to use. Video can be edited quickly and key moments highlighted. Of many great features, I really like how easily Individual player folders can be created and then shared.

Daniel Carney

I use Once Pro for videoanalysis and I love it. Once allows you to do video analysis in a quick, effortless and a professional way.
We work with young athletes and Once let’s us show them exactly what they need to do.

Almin Agovic

As women’s and girls football grows and develops around the world, it’s important to find products that as a coach and club we can ensure professionalism and development for players and coaches. Once Pro is helping us create that professionalism and opportunity to review matches, highlight good practice and help players development and improve their tactical and technical awareness. This product greatly assists us to achieve new levels in our performance. An excellent and vital tool for the football of today.

Kathleen Cooper