Here are a few analysis made by our users.

⚽️📌Just a simple Build up from Brazil in the World Cup 2018 showing team lines in 4-3-3 and the Attacking Midfielder’s movement in empty space. Center Forward seems to “hold” the Center Back in order to open space in the defending line.

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🔝⚽️Liverpool VS Barcelona 4-0 : The Defensive approach of Liverpool

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⚽️Role of DM (no.6) Casemiro (28, Brazil)

📌 Body position in build-up play

📌Awareness (collecting information)

📌The ability to switch sides \ technical execution

📌Strong and aggressive in transitions (positional preparations)

📌Timing for rotations and getting higher in attack



Valencia C.F vs Atlético de Madrid:

The Attacking Phases for Valencia FC.