Once Football Video Analyzer is the simplest and the most powerful tool for video analysis. Save yourself hundreds of hours a season with using Once. 
Main features of Video Analyzer:

  • Simple commands (all commands on keyboard for fast analysis - shorten analysis up to 40% of time)
  • ​Create action and tag it when you see it during analysis (and/or prepare analysis template in settings)
  • Draw and stitch drawing on video clip for better presentation 
  • Preview or export tagged video clips (export with drawings)

The entire process consist of following easy steps:

  • Add actions you will code and add athletes in Settings (prepare actions and players) or add them during analysis
  • Start Analysis with Analyze game
  • Preview analysis, Draw on video and Export wished clips
The end result of analysis are tagged events grouped by type (crosses, goals, duels, lost balls…) and grouped by player (Lewandowski – shots, dribbles and other events).  


Prepare actions and roster of teams you will analyze: 

  1. Click on settings on home screen
  2. Add player name and click on plus or enter to add athlete
  3. Add action to wished columnt and click on plus or press enter

Click here for youtube video

Add game info

Click analyze game on home screen and add info about game. Add info which is requested and click start game analysis.
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Start analysis and tagging
  1. Press SPACE to mark beginning of event
  2. Tag actions/players
  3. If action/player is not on the list, click on plus near Attacking, defending, stoppages or players column to add it. Then select it and click enter.
  4. Press ENTER to mark end of video clip

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Preview analysis

  1. select analyzed game in preview analysis window
  2. on right check action you want to watch and click preview button
  3. pause video and draw on it (save drawing with save drawing button)
  4. export analyzed actions - select all or only wished action and click export. Exported video clips will be organized in folders so you can burn them or share via USB. Or you can draw on video clips to highlight specific situations. 

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Keyboard shortcuts

Here is the list of keyboard commands: 
  • Use arrow keys to move through the video (1&5 seconds forward backward)
  • Press space to start recording
  • Use "Enter" key to select action or player, and to mark end of the clip
  • Use "Tab" key to switch between Attacking, Defending, Stoppages and Players menu
  • Use "+" key to add multiple actions to the clip in recording mode
  • Use 1,2,3,4 and 0 key for different speed of video

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Delete analysis or continue analysis

  • Press on pen to continue analysis.
  • Delete analysis by pressing X.

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You can download it and play with the software to see how it works for free. Free download on next link.  After trial you can buy it  for 100 EUR (limited offer).